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Dirty Projectors / Delicate Steve / Ryan Power – 4/18/2013, Higher Ground, Burlington VT

I’ve been listening to the entire Yo La Tengo discography, and while working through their mid-80s records like Ride the Tiger and New Wave Hot Dogs, I got to thinking about the shift I made in musical tastes during that decade. Right about 1986, my listening inclinations began to change amidst the full onslaught of … Continue reading

Record Review: The Men – New Moon

I highly doubt anyone is still tossing around the ridiculous notion that ‘Rock Is Dead’ anymore these days, but if anyone still is, they clearly haven’t heard of the Men. One quick look at what the Men have accomplished in the past 4 years ought to shut those idiots up for good. Annually since 2010, the … Continue reading

14 Questions with Cult of Luna

I first became a fan of Cult of Luna when I randomly discovered the beauty and destruction of their 2006 album Somewhere Along the Highway. I really enjoyed the fact that Cult of Luna were able to mix such diverse elements into their brand of heaviness. Since then Cult of Luna have been a favorite of mine and it’s always … Continue reading

Initial Impressions: Muse – The 2nd Law (23 Tweets of Torture)

Muse The 2nd Law (Editors Note: If you would like to expand your mind and horizons please follow  Phil on Twitter @innvain ) A few nights ago I thought it would be a good idea to listen to the new Muse album and live tweet my reaction to it. I was just released from the hospital a few hours ago. … Continue reading

Deftones: 2 New Songs!!!

A couple of live leaks of new Deftones songs have surfaced. These may or may not be on the new album supposedly due Oct. 9th (We”ll see if it actually comes out on time). The audio is not superb, but worth listening to nonetheless. “Rosemary” “Roller Derby” I prefer “Rosemary” just because of the dynamics … Continue reading

Record Review: Best Coast – The Only Place

Best Coast The Only Place Beginning in mid-May, I began attempting with a certain difficulty to derive some of Best Coast’s signature sunshine from their sophomore album, The Only Place. Unfortunately, I have yet to be successful in this feat. With their bright, jangly guitars and sun drenched melodic vocals, singer/song-writer, Bethany Cosentino and multi-instrumentalist … Continue reading

Deer Tick / Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside – Urban Lounge (SLC, UT) 5/10/12

As I was just a budding young lad at the age of 16, I dreamt of the day I would be old enough to go see a 21 and over concert every day of the week. It was to be magical. I would drink, stay out late, see all of my favorite bands and not … Continue reading

Record Review: The Temper Trap – The Temper Trap (Self-titled)

Considering the success that The Temper Trap’s debut album, Conditions, gained for the band, the pressure undoubtedly was on for their follow-up album- no one wants to fall victim to the dreaded “Second Album Syndrome”. While the expectations for the band’s sophomore album were high, rather than ride the coattails of “Sweet Disposition”, the band bravely … Continue reading

M83 – In the Venue SLC, UT (4/29/12)

Amidst the extensive array of performances I viewed during my days at Coachella last month, I was only able to catch a few songs of M83’s late night performance. At a multi-day music festival, the decisions one is faced with could be colossal: The Black Keys, Explosions in the Sky and M83 being one I personally … Continue reading

New Jams: Epic Beards Included!

Brown Bird One of my favorite pastimes is to look up an artist that I am digging on YouTube and listening to the recommended or similar artists. In this case I was watching some videos for The Head and the Heart’s “Winter Song” and happened to come by this little band. Brown Bird is a … Continue reading


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