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Devo’s Hardcore: Machine Music for a Human Age

Growing up, I used to listen to my dad’s music a lot. He had a ton of stuff he taped to cassette, including bootlegs he and his brother had owned once upon a time. One was a Devo bootleg of all their early stuff (I think it was called Spud Patrol) and I probably played … Continue reading

Father John Misty @ The Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT 06/19/13

I love music- but getting me to attend a show at The Urban Lounge is damn near impossible. The thought of catching an STD by using the restroom and wrangling my way through some dirty hipster’s bike path is enough to keep me away from seeing some great bands. However, when I learned that Father John Misty … Continue reading

Taylor Swift: Feeling 22, Rising and Not There Yet

The first line of the song’s a joke about hipsters and the video’s shot in 4:3, with a filter making it look like an Instagram picture. Taylor Swift is feeling 22 and maybe just a little ambitious. The first time I heard of Swift, a coworker was raving about this artist with a song about … Continue reading

Record Review: Daft Punk – Random Access Memories… Garbage

Isn’t it strange how once we forget to mock something it comes back and starts becoming cool again? A few years back, Journey became trendy again. In Fargo Rock City, mop-haired journalist Chuck Klosterman tried to make hair metal cool again. And now’s the latest and cruelest turn: Daft Punk and disco culture. The latest … Continue reading

Tomorrow’s list today: Anticipating the 2013 Polaris Prize shortlist

The 2013 Polaris Prize is fast approaching and with it, the usual controversies and hyperbole: who made the longlist, who was left off the shortlist and the arguments about over who wins the thing. But here at Bearded G Music, I’ve cut through all the chatter and niceties: it’s nice to make the longlist is … Continue reading

The Vault that Keeps on Giving: Frank Zappa’s Finer Moments

The most interesting thing to me about the Frank Zappa vaults is their seemingly endless supply of material. Most of it’s been concerts taped and stored for later use. Other releases have been snippets and odds and ends of live shows, songs clipped from reels and saved because there was a good solo, a one-time … Continue reading

Gospel: Why The National Is Mine

As I leaned against the sullied toilet bowel, with my brain awash in guilt and my stomach aching to calm itself, the last song off a twelve-track LP completed its final few revolutions on our dorm room’s record player.  I don’t remember much about what acts of debauchery preceded this specific moment in time, but … Continue reading

Local Music Scenes Are Dying

Your local music scene may be a dying art form, and in a few more years could become a completely outdated musical platform.  Blame it on reality TV, social media outlets ,or yourself. Up until about 5 + years ago there was a general sense of anticipation and excitement in checking out a new band … Continue reading

Coachella 2013 Preview

‘Tis the season for music festivals and the summer begins with one of North America’s most predominant, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in beautiful Indio, California. While thousands around the world are preparing to make their trek to the California desert for this upcoming weekend, I am gearing up for Weekend #2- my … Continue reading

David Bowie – The Next Day (It’s Not What We Expected, But What We Should’ve Expected)

There’s a new Bowie album out which is a rare occurrence these days: the last time any new Bowie came out was 2003’s Reality and the last time new-to-you Bowie came out was 2010’s bloated Station to Station box set (three LPs! Five CDs! And a DVD 5.1 mix of the album!). So it’s been … Continue reading


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