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Interview / Concert Review: KEN Mode – June 8th, 2013, Toronto

Winnipeg’s KEN Mode have played Toronto multiple times before, but I have never made it out to see their ferocity live. On June 8th, they rolled into town alongside Miami’s sludge kings Torche and Columbus’ Lo Pan and proved their power in person. I also had a chat with KEN Mode’s guitar player and vocalist … Continue reading

Record Review: Toro Y Moi – Anything in Return

Sorry, I’m a little late on my review for the new Toro Y Moi album. I have been waiting to get a hold of  a special someone whom I felt could adequately explain all the funky awesomeness that is Toro’s new album Anything in Return. So without further delay may I present my brief and fictitious (obviously) talk with one of the … Continue reading

Record Review: Circa Survive – Violent Waves

Circa Survive Violent Waves I have a soft spot in my heart for Circa Survive. They have always seemed to have a knack for creating an original sound. Plus Anthony Green has one of the better voices in rock music right now. I have always dug his higher pitched almost child like voice paired with the psych tinged prog … Continue reading

Record Review: Baroness – Yellow & Green

Baroness Yellow & Green I’ve always had a bit of a curious love for Baroness. I discovered the band in 2008 about a year after the Red Album came out. My initial impression of the band was that they were a streamlined version of Mastodon, which I thought was great because, Mastodon’s prog rocking can … Continue reading

Record Review: Liars – WIXIW

Liars WIXIW I first became acquainted with Liars when I reviewed their self titled 2007 release and heard track nine off that album “Clear Island”. This was my first encounter with the band, so I figured that they were some sort of  surf punk noise band. I have since immersed myself in all of their music and I have come to one conclusion. Liars … Continue reading


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