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Record Review: True Widow – Circumambulation

I honestly can’t say that I’ve heard anything that sounds exactly like True Widow’s latest release Circumambulation. Being a guy who never delved deeper into the “stoner” genre than a few songs by The Melvins, this album was something completely fresh and new to me, and I loved every minute of it. Originally hailing from … Continue reading

16 Questions with Palms’ Aaron Harris

The dissolution of Isis back in 2010 was heartbreaking to any fan of underground metal. Isis was an essential band in every sense of the word, helping pioneer and popularize the post-metal scene. The band’s last album, Wavering Radiant in 2009, hinted at a possible direction for the band that only added to the sting … Continue reading

Record Review: ASG – Blood Drive

North Carolina’s ASG (which may or may not stand for All Systems Go, or Amplification of Self Gratification, or maybe a combo of the two ) is some all out southern rock psychedelic stoner metal, but in a good way. Usually when I hear a band described as southern metal my mind immediately tries to … Continue reading

Record Review: Light Black – S/T

I can seriously count on one hand how many times I have really truly enjoyed a Salt Lake City local band. The first being Iceburn from back in the day. Then in the mid 90’s it was Ehco Seven, late 90’s, Headtrip. In the early 2000’s it was Form of Rocket (if you have not experinced any … Continue reading

Interview with The New Trust

I am new to the awesomeness that is The New Trust. I was exposed to the band from a post on the band Junius’ Facebook page and upon watching TNT’s video for “Compromise” I was hooked. They are the perfect combination of post-hardcore, heavy indie rock, mixed with earnest / clean vocals. One of the first things … Continue reading

Daft Punk Fever – Best of the Random Access Memory Remixes

I’m not sure there’s another band that is as captivating as Daft Punk is right now. I’ve been thinking about them a bit recently: they’re gearing up to release a new album on a new label and have managed to keep nearly everything under wraps: we know the new album’s name (Random Access Memories), have … Continue reading

Interview: Matt from Lost Weekend

Lost Weekend is a young, up and coming elctro-pop band from Winnipeg, Canada. With music based heavily on 80’s new wave and 90’s alt influence the band is pumping out some seriously catchy tunes. I had they chance to talk to singer/guitarist Matt Worobec in early March as Lost Weekend was about to venture out … Continue reading

Record Review: Sleep Lady – So Long Lonely Ghost

“The soundtrack you never heard to a movie that was never made about people you never met.” This is what you find in the “about” section on Sleep Lady’s Facebook page and it couldn’t be more fitting. Sleep Lady is a 5 piece, (mostly) instrumental post-rock / metal dream pop band from San Diego, CA. The band was … Continue reading

13 Questions with TTNG

TTNG (formally known as This Town Needs Guns) Have had quite the year. TTNG found out that their lead singer and guitar player Stuart Smith would be leaving the band to start a family and the band recruited singer Henry Tremain. However, soon after beginning work on their new record the band was faced with … Continue reading

14 Questions with Baptists

Today sees the release of Baptists first full length LP, Bushcraft, which is an unrelenting collection of in-your-face thrashers from start to finish. It’s the groups first full length (their only other release being 2010’s self-titled EP), Bushcraft sounds as if they have been playing together for years. Thick, powerful riffs and technical drumming combine with … Continue reading


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