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14 Questions with Ryan Hunter of NK

When I had heard the news that Envy On The Coast had decided to call it quits I was really bummed. Especially considering that I had missed their last show in SLC. I followed the band’s social media pretty religiously waiting to see if by some miracle they would re-form or we would get to … Continue reading

Interview with Dillinger Escape Plan’s Ben Weinman

A couple of months ago The Dillinger Escape Plan released what is in my opinion the most diverse, energetic, and technically destructive album of their career. One of Us Is the Killer has been playing non-stop in my regular rotation since it’s release.  Since the album’s release in May the band has been out doing what … Continue reading

14 Questions with Night Verses’ Nick DePirro

I love going to concerts. I really, really do. However, over the past year and a half I have tested that love. Before Bearded Gentlemen Music existed I would catch a show only when a band I was really in to would roll in to town. There have been times within this past year or so … Continue reading

Interview / Concert Review: KEN Mode – June 8th, 2013, Toronto

Winnipeg’s KEN Mode have played Toronto multiple times before, but I have never made it out to see their ferocity live. On June 8th, they rolled into town alongside Miami’s sludge kings Torche and Columbus’ Lo Pan and proved their power in person. I also had a chat with KEN Mode’s guitar player and vocalist … Continue reading

Adopt this Album: Liz Phair – Exile in Guyville

June 22nd, marked the twenty year anniversary of the release of Liz Phair’s explosive debut album Exile in Guyville. Let’s celebrate by remembering what a compilation it was in its most natural state, a record that not only helped launch other female rockers, but without a doubt left an impression on many young women growing … Continue reading

Record Review: Kanye West – Yeezus

Kanye West might be a genius, but he’s also the guy who is dating Kim Kardashian.  And to be perfectly honest; you have to be full of shit to do something like that. And Yeezus, Kanye West’s first record since the critically acclaimed, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, is as full of shit as it gets. Still, … Continue reading

Record Review: Thundercat – Apocalypse

Stephen Bruner, the main mind behind Thundercat is no stranger. With a debut that was as danceable as it was hypnotizing, The Golden Age of Apocalypse left a large impression on any fan of jazz, soul or funk music. Even before his 2011 debut, Thundercat had already established his fantastic bass skill and vocal melodies … Continue reading

Tomorrow’s list today: Anticipating the 2013 Polaris Prize shortlist

The 2013 Polaris Prize is fast approaching and with it, the usual controversies and hyperbole: who made the longlist, who was left off the shortlist and the arguments about over who wins the thing. But here at Bearded G Music, I’ve cut through all the chatter and niceties: it’s nice to make the longlist is … Continue reading

Youth Lagoon / Majical Cloudz @ The Great Hall Toronto, ON 05/13/13

Back in 2011, I first discovered the gentle bedroom ballads of Trevor Powers, which were all incredibly engaging, especially when compared to most self produced, home-recorded artists. I immediately wanted to witness the beauty in person, but wasn’t able to find my way to any shows in my area. With the release of 2013’s Wondrous … Continue reading

Record Review: Light Black – S/T

I can seriously count on one hand how many times I have really truly enjoyed a Salt Lake City local band. The first being Iceburn from back in the day. Then in the mid 90’s it was Ehco Seven, late 90’s, Headtrip. In the early 2000’s it was Form of Rocket (if you have not experinced any … Continue reading


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