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Devo’s Hardcore: Machine Music for a Human Age

Growing up, I used to listen to my dad’s music a lot. He had a ton of stuff he taped to cassette, including bootlegs he and his brother had owned once upon a time. One was a Devo bootleg of all their early stuff (I think it was called Spud Patrol) and I probably played … Continue reading

Adopt this Album: Liz Phair – Exile in Guyville

June 22nd, marked the twenty year anniversary of the release of Liz Phair’s explosive debut album Exile in Guyville. Let’s celebrate by remembering what a compilation it was in its most natural state, a record that not only helped launch other female rockers, but without a doubt left an impression on many young women growing … Continue reading

Taylor Swift: Feeling 22, Rising and Not There Yet

The first line of the song’s a joke about hipsters and the video’s shot in 4:3, with a filter making it look like an Instagram picture. Taylor Swift is feeling 22 and maybe just a little ambitious. The first time I heard of Swift, a coworker was raving about this artist with a song about … Continue reading

Gospel: Why The National Is Mine

As I leaned against the sullied toilet bowel, with my brain awash in guilt and my stomach aching to calm itself, the last song off a twelve-track LP completed its final few revolutions on our dorm room’s record player.  I don’t remember much about what acts of debauchery preceded this specific moment in time, but … Continue reading

R.I.P. Chi Cheng (Deftones)

Long time Deftones bassist Chi Cheng passed away on Saturday April 13th, 2013 after an almost five year battle trying to recover from a devastating car crash that happened in November 2008. Cheng had been in and out of a coma for the better part of these past five years and had recently seemed to be … Continue reading

Interview with Junius

Junius for me is one of the those dream bands, meaning they have the exact type of sound that I am obsessed with. Any band that has a heavier sound mixed with somewhat clean soaring vocals is always going to be a favorite of mine and after I stumbled upon the the song “Elisheva, I Love … Continue reading

The Power of Adele

While most of us for the past 2 years have lived a somewhat mundane life of work with the occasional awesome moments, Adele’s 21 has ruled the Billboard as best selling Album.  You heard right, for the first time the same album finishes as the United States’ best-seller for a second year. I fell head over heels for … Continue reading

Remembering the Beastie Boys

It’s coming up on 8 months since the death of Adam “MCA” Yauch, member of one of the best hip-hop groups of all time, the Beastie Boys. Now that some time has past, I’m able to reflect with a clear mind (and not cry) on how much the Beastie Boys were part of my life … Continue reading

Isis – Temporal

Isis Temporal I feel compelled to write this review because I really enjoy Isis and I miss them dearly. However, I don’t really feel comfortable reviewing an anthology / rarities collection, because these jams are tracks that Isis didn’t necessarily find suitable to release on any of their “official releases”. What is included on Temporal are a bunch of previously unreleased demos and b-sides that … Continue reading

Deftones @ In The Venue SLC, UT 10/17/12

I’m not even going to try and pretend that I am not a complete pervert fanboy when it comes to Deftones. I absolutely love this band and pretty much anything that Chino does. My first encounter with Deftones’ magic was back in 1998 when I randomly purchased Around the Fur. I remember staying up late on Sunday and watching MTV’s greatest program, 120 … Continue reading


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