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Concert Review / Interview: Torche – May 28th, Salt Lake City, UT

Torche has been one of my favorite bands for the past five or so years now and I absolutely never miss a chance to see them play live. These dudes seriously put on one of the loudest, most powerful and extremely fun live shows I have ever witnessed. Torche’s brand of bodacious, destructive, bliss-metal is … Continue reading

Interview / Concert Review: KEN Mode – June 8th, 2013, Toronto

Winnipeg’s KEN Mode have played Toronto multiple times before, but I have never made it out to see their ferocity live. On June 8th, they rolled into town alongside Miami’s sludge kings Torche and Columbus’ Lo Pan and proved their power in person. I also had a chat with KEN Mode’s guitar player and vocalist … Continue reading

TWIABPAIANLATD / Dads / Pity Sex / You, Me, and Everyone We Know / Among Giants @ Will’s Pub, Orlando, FL 6/19/13

Naturally, hearing a name as long as The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die will spark your interest no matter where you read or hear it. I was aware of the band, but never gave them a true listen until a friend of mine pointed out a tour … Continue reading

Father John Misty @ The Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT 06/19/13

I love music- but getting me to attend a show at The Urban Lounge is damn near impossible. The thought of catching an STD by using the restroom and wrangling my way through some dirty hipster’s bike path is enough to keep me away from seeing some great bands. However, when I learned that Father John Misty … Continue reading

Foals / Surfer Blood / Blondfire – 5/6/2013 – Upstate Concert Hall, Clifton Park, NY

While taking in a quick lunch of a Mediterranean omelet at the venerable Ukrainian diner Veselka on the Lower East Side with members of the UK alt rock band Foals a few weeks ago before their show in upstate New York, I …suddenly realized I left my illegally obtained 69 ounce soda on the subway … Continue reading

Youth Lagoon / Majical Cloudz @ The Great Hall Toronto, ON 05/13/13

Back in 2011, I first discovered the gentle bedroom ballads of Trevor Powers, which were all incredibly engaging, especially when compared to most self produced, home-recorded artists. I immediately wanted to witness the beauty in person, but wasn’t able to find my way to any shows in my area. With the release of 2013’s Wondrous … Continue reading

Dirty Projectors / Delicate Steve / Ryan Power – 4/18/2013, Higher Ground, Burlington VT

I’ve been listening to the entire Yo La Tengo discography, and while working through their mid-80s records like Ride the Tiger and New Wave Hot Dogs, I got to thinking about the shift I made in musical tastes during that decade. Right about 1986, my listening inclinations began to change amidst the full onslaught of … Continue reading

Tera Melos / TTNG @ The Garrison TO, ON 04/28/13

Performance art, especially in big cities like Toronto is everywhere; there is a strong chance that if you were placed anywhere in the city randomly, you could find some type of art, music or performance within 5 minutes walking. On April 28th. I strolled down to The Garrison to see a couple of the most … Continue reading

Clutch @ The Depot 03/19/13 Salt Lake City, UT

There’s not a whole lot I can say about Clutch… except that they are freaking awesome! I have followed the band fairly closely throughout their existence and always paid attention when they released a new album, but for some reason or another I never had gotten around to seeing them live. I’m not quite sure … Continue reading

Junius / Silver Snakes / Night Verses @ The Shred Shed SLC, UT 03/10/13

I had been waiting to see Junius for over a year now, so I was thrilled to see that they were hitting up Salt Lake City and playing The Shred Shed which is easily one of the best all ages venues in the city and to top it all off the band was nice enough … Continue reading


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