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Interview / Concert Review: KEN Mode – June 8th, 2013, Toronto

Winnipeg’s KEN Mode have played Toronto multiple times before, but I have never made it out to see their ferocity live. On June 8th, they rolled into town alongside Miami’s sludge kings Torche and Columbus’ Lo Pan and proved their power in person. I also had a chat with KEN Mode’s guitar player and vocalist … Continue reading

Record Review: Thundercat – Apocalypse

Stephen Bruner, the main mind behind Thundercat is no stranger. With a debut that was as danceable as it was hypnotizing, The Golden Age of Apocalypse left a large impression on any fan of jazz, soul or funk music. Even before his 2011 debut, Thundercat had already established his fantastic bass skill and vocal melodies … Continue reading

Youth Lagoon / Majical Cloudz @ The Great Hall Toronto, ON 05/13/13

Back in 2011, I first discovered the gentle bedroom ballads of Trevor Powers, which were all incredibly engaging, especially when compared to most self produced, home-recorded artists. I immediately wanted to witness the beauty in person, but wasn’t able to find my way to any shows in my area. With the release of 2013’s Wondrous … Continue reading

Tera Melos / TTNG @ The Garrison TO, ON 04/28/13

Performance art, especially in big cities like Toronto is everywhere; there is a strong chance that if you were placed anywhere in the city randomly, you could find some type of art, music or performance within 5 minutes walking. On April 28th. I strolled down to The Garrison to see a couple of the most … Continue reading

Record Review: Thee Oh Sees – Floating Coffin

Thee Oh Sees are by no means a new group, with years of experience under their belts, and this years release Floating Coffin marks the groups 12th studio album, technically. The 4 members that currently play in the group have been together since 2008, and lead man John Dwyer has been doing his thing since … Continue reading

Record Review: Tera Melos – X’ed Out

Hailing from Sacramento, California, Tera Melos is a band that has held a firm grasp on my attention ever since I first discovered them back in 2007. I was introduced to them through the spastic, but colourful sounds that peppered their second EP, Drugs to the Dear Youth, which isn’t the easiest collection of songs … Continue reading

Record Review: Wavves – Afraid of Heights

San Diego’s Nathan Williams began his work as Wavves in his parent’s house. Just another teenager with a guitar and a four-track recorder, but managed to create a couple of the noisiest and catchiest records in lo-fi garage rock history. After the straightforward appeal of Wavves set in after two records, 2010’s King of the … Continue reading

Record Review: KEN Mode – Entrench

KEN Mode (KEN being an acronym for “Kill Everyone Now”) are undoubtedly one of Canada’s most reliable forces in metal and hardcore, leaving destruction in their path after each release. Their previous record Venerable earned them a Juno Award in 2011 (essentially the Canadian equivalent to a Grammy), and this year’s offering Entrench shows that … Continue reading

Interview – Luke Lalonde of Born Ruffians

Toronto’s Born Ruffians have been playing music together since 2004, but haven’t had a full-length release since 2010’s Say It, are gearing up to release their new record, Birthmarks. While the groups older material is bright, catchy and fun, their new record uses these elements while also embracing a love for louder, more prominent sound. With the … Continue reading

Record Review: Suuns – Images du Futur

Throughout history, there have been groups of musicians that don’t want to conform to mainstream media and genres.  In some cases, entire musical movements are birthed from this idea – Punk being an obvious example. And with Punk music like many others, once a larger social group jumped on the bandwagon, certain individuals wanted something … Continue reading


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