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Concert Review / Interview: Torche – May 28th, Salt Lake City, UT

Torche has been one of my favorite bands for the past five or so years now and I absolutely never miss a chance to see them play live. These dudes seriously put on one of the loudest, most powerful and extremely fun live shows I have ever witnessed. Torche’s brand of bodacious, destructive, bliss-metal is … Continue reading

Interview with Dillinger Escape Plan’s Ben Weinman

A couple of months ago The Dillinger Escape Plan released what is in my opinion the most diverse, energetic, and technically destructive album of their career. One of Us Is the Killer has been playing non-stop in my regular rotation since it’s release.  Since the album’s release in May the band has been out doing what … Continue reading

Interview with Ten Kens

When I first discovered the dark complexity that is Ten Kens third full length Namesake it was honestly a dream come true. I love dark, somber, and introspective music and the density that was contained on the original 10 tracks that were digitally released back in 2012 became an instant favorite of mine. The feeling … Continue reading

Record Review: ASG – Blood Drive

North Carolina’s ASG (which may or may not stand for All Systems Go, or Amplification of Self Gratification, or maybe a combo of the two ) is some all out southern rock psychedelic stoner metal, but in a good way. Usually when I hear a band described as southern metal my mind immediately tries to … Continue reading

Record Review: Light Black – S/T

I can seriously count on one hand how many times I have really truly enjoyed a Salt Lake City local band. The first being Iceburn from back in the day. Then in the mid 90’s it was Ehco Seven, late 90’s, Headtrip. In the early 2000’s it was Form of Rocket (if you have not experinced any … Continue reading

Another 15 Questions with Mylets

A lot has changed for Henry Kohen a.k.a. Mylets since we last spoke in December. He’s moved to Los Angeles, is now officially signed to Sargent House, and is living with Sragent house founder Cathy Pellow. Now Mylets days are filled with non-stop practice, playing, writing, and recording for his new full length which should be out next year. … Continue reading

Interview with The New Trust

I am new to the awesomeness that is The New Trust. I was exposed to the band from a post on the band Junius’ Facebook page and upon watching TNT’s video for “Compromise” I was hooked. They are the perfect combination of post-hardcore, heavy indie rock, mixed with earnest / clean vocals. One of the first things … Continue reading

15 Questions with Intronaut

If you have ever read any of my posts you know I’m a total junkie when it comes to intelligent well crafted music with a hint (or sometimes a lot) of heaviness and Intronaut are a perfect example of that intelligent heaviness. I have followed the band closely for a few years now and have been a big fan of … Continue reading

16 Questions with The Appleseed Cast

I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed and admired The Appleseed Cast, it’s not very often that an indie band can last as long as these guys have. Its even more rare that a band can evolve and progress as much as they have. Throughout their evolution The Appleseed Cast have released so many inspiring and influential albums and the band has succeeded … Continue reading

Record Review: Purson – The Circle and The Blue Door

Do you like Gypsy’s? Do like The Jefferson Airplane? Or Do you like the late-great The Mars Volta? Then you better get down with The Circle and The Blue Door the debut album from Purson a new English band fronted by the totally psychedelic front-woman Rosalie Cunningham. Purson are the definition of throwback and retro. When I first heard the bands second single “Spiderwood Farm” … Continue reading


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