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Bearded Gentlemen is a site created to share the enthusiasm and appreciation that we have for music and all things music related. As well as anything else that we find to be rad. Our goal is to capture the wonder of the burly rebel poet and transfer it to these posts (See welcome post: The Transcendent Beard). Please feel free to share any opinions, comments or concerns you may have. Enjoy.

A note about the Gentlemen:

The Bearded Gentlemen are Jon Robertson (Frank Nooch) and Isaac Atencio (Isaacfalling).

Just as fate may have brought you to this site, fate also a plays a major role in the history of this duo’s friendship. The Gentlemen actually met as young lads in 1988, while auditioning for the roles of Klingon children in the hit series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Neither ever fathomed that they would meet again. However, years later, the two unlikely friends crossed paths while both working as runners for United Concerts in Salt Lake City. While their dreams of acting had long since burned, like a phoenix, a new passion for all things music had emerged from the ashes. Both of the Gentlemen desired to share this passion with all of those around them. Jon has been contributer to publications such as SLUG Magazine, Primary Ignition, as well as maintaining his personal blog. As for Isaac, you may have read some of his anecdotal work in bathroom stalls all over the Wasatch Front. The idea was thrown around for the two to combine talents and join forces and the rest as they say, is history.

Editors Note: Recently we have gained a few very talented writers and we feel that though they do not have the desire to be Klingon’s like ourselves, they very much embody and portray all that we believe is important in the soul of a human being. Plus they enjoy and respect The Transcendent Ways of The Beard as much as we do.

Nathan Jones or “Uncle Nate” – Lives somewhere on the East Coast and is hard to keep track of. He’s a genius and doesn’t like to write album reviews.

Phil Maye – Is the King of Sarcasm and enlightened thought. Plus he’s Canadian and that rules!

AmandaB3st – Is a procrastinator and we love her for it. She like’s to party and write amazing reviews for BGM and we love her for that too.

JHo462 – Is a big time concert promoter in and around the Western United States. Don’t mess with him or he’ll punch you straight in the mouth… Hyaw! Hyaw!

V_Train – We like to stalk Vi when she goes out to concerts or maybe she stalks us. Either way her outlook and opinion on music is legit.

Sabrina – Is from Philadelphia and she is Italian, she’s very opinionated and passionate about all things music.

We are always looking for new writers, so if you like our site and you are interested in writing for us. Send us a note here or hit us up on the various social media outlets, we are always interested in recruiting new members to our ways of music obsession.

Feel free to email us as well at beardedgentlemenmusic at

We here at Bearded Gentlemen Music are very excited to share our combined efforts here on this site for you.



3 thoughts on “Get To Know Us

  1. Hey. Wow, what a great site, really dig it. It’s like what my blog wants to be when it grows up. Keep on keeping on.

    Posted by CD Anderson | June 14, 2013, 11:48 PM


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