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Interview with Ten Kens

When I first discovered the dark complexity that is Ten Kens third full length Namesake it was honestly a dream come true. I love dark, somber, and introspective music and the density that was contained on the original 10 tracks that were digitally released back in 2012 became an instant favorite of mine. The feeling … Continue reading

Foals / Surfer Blood / Blondfire – 5/6/2013 – Upstate Concert Hall, Clifton Park, NY

While taking in a quick lunch of a Mediterranean omelet at the venerable Ukrainian diner Veselka on the Lower East Side with members of the UK alt rock band Foals a few weeks ago before their show in upstate New York, I …suddenly realized I left my illegally obtained 69 ounce soda on the subway … Continue reading

Record Review: ASG – Blood Drive

North Carolina’s ASG (which may or may not stand for All Systems Go, or Amplification of Self Gratification, or maybe a combo of the two ) is some all out southern rock psychedelic stoner metal, but in a good way. Usually when I hear a band described as southern metal my mind immediately tries to … Continue reading

Record Review: Daft Punk – Random Access Memories… Garbage

Isn’t it strange how once we forget to mock something it comes back and starts becoming cool again? A few years back, Journey became trendy again. In Fargo Rock City, mop-haired journalist Chuck Klosterman tried to make hair metal cool again. And now’s the latest and cruelest turn: Daft Punk and disco culture. The latest … Continue reading

Tomorrow’s list today: Anticipating the 2013 Polaris Prize shortlist

The 2013 Polaris Prize is fast approaching and with it, the usual controversies and hyperbole: who made the longlist, who was left off the shortlist and the arguments about over who wins the thing. But here at Bearded G Music, I’ve cut through all the chatter and niceties: it’s nice to make the longlist is … Continue reading

Record Review: Alice in Chains – The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

Following on from Black Gives Way to Blue in 2009, which was a monumental return since Layne Staley’s death, I was quite looking forward to Alice In Chains new album. I have always been an Alice in Chains fan ever since hearing Dirt (which left quite a mark me in my early teens) and from then on I have always approached … Continue reading

The Vault that Keeps on Giving: Frank Zappa’s Finer Moments

The most interesting thing to me about the Frank Zappa vaults is their seemingly endless supply of material. Most of it’s been concerts taped and stored for later use. Other releases have been snippets and odds and ends of live shows, songs clipped from reels and saved because there was a good solo, a one-time … Continue reading

Youth Lagoon / Majical Cloudz @ The Great Hall Toronto, ON 05/13/13

Back in 2011, I first discovered the gentle bedroom ballads of Trevor Powers, which were all incredibly engaging, especially when compared to most self produced, home-recorded artists. I immediately wanted to witness the beauty in person, but wasn’t able to find my way to any shows in my area. With the release of 2013’s Wondrous … Continue reading

Record Review: Light Black – S/T

I can seriously count on one hand how many times I have really truly enjoyed a Salt Lake City local band. The first being Iceburn from back in the day. Then in the mid 90’s it was Ehco Seven, late 90’s, Headtrip. In the early 2000’s it was Form of Rocket (if you have not experinced any … Continue reading

Record Review: The Ocean – Pelagial

Having never experienced or having never listened to The Ocean before, you could say that this was a bit out of my depths. The German post-metal band who last released two albums back in 2010 (Heliocentric and Anthropocentric) now embrace us with more sonic beauty, based around a concept where it takes the listener on … Continue reading


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