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Record Review: Colleen Green – Sock it to Me

Move over Liz Phair and Belly, well from my CD collection anyway. Colleen Green is taking over. Compared to the other Pop_Rock Queens of the past, Green’s vocals are whispier than Phair’s (much like Belly), but both share the monotone style. She also rocks the guitar with the similar heavy distortion as her predecessors. However, … Continue reading

(A Soundtrack for Locutus’ Friday Night Out) Record Review: How to Destroy Angels – Welcome Oblivion

I’m not completely sure what to make of the new How to Destroy Angels album. I’m not sure because it’s so different from what I expect from Trent Reznor and what I remember HtDA sounding like. And I’m not sure actual humans put this album together: it’s so impersonal and cold it sounds like something … Continue reading

Record Review: KEN Mode – Entrench

KEN Mode (KEN being an acronym for “Kill Everyone Now”) are undoubtedly one of Canada’s most reliable forces in metal and hardcore, leaving destruction in their path after each release. Their previous record Venerable earned them a Juno Award in 2011 (essentially the Canadian equivalent to a Grammy), and this year’s offering Entrench shows that … Continue reading

Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside @ Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT 03/09/13

I’m not one to celebrate random national [blank] days except for Pi Day, which calls for pie, but I was happy to observe International Women’s Day (well weekend in this case) with Ms. Sallie Ford. Let’s rewind. I had the pleasure of discovering her last year when she opened for Deer Tick at Urban Lounge. … Continue reading

Interview – Luke Lalonde of Born Ruffians

Toronto’s Born Ruffians have been playing music together since 2004, but haven’t had a full-length release since 2010’s Say It, are gearing up to release their new record, Birthmarks. While the groups older material is bright, catchy and fun, their new record uses these elements while also embracing a love for louder, more prominent sound. With the … Continue reading

Interview: Matt from Lost Weekend

Lost Weekend is a young, up and coming elctro-pop band from Winnipeg, Canada. With music based heavily on 80’s new wave and 90’s alt influence the band is pumping out some seriously catchy tunes. I had they chance to talk to singer/guitarist Matt Worobec in early March as Lost Weekend was about to venture out … Continue reading

David Bowie – The Next Day (It’s Not What We Expected, But What We Should’ve Expected)

There’s a new Bowie album out which is a rare occurrence these days: the last time any new Bowie came out was 2003’s Reality and the last time new-to-you Bowie came out was 2010’s bloated Station to Station box set (three LPs! Five CDs! And a DVD 5.1 mix of the album!). So it’s been … Continue reading

Record Review: Suuns – Images du Futur

Throughout history, there have been groups of musicians that don’t want to conform to mainstream media and genres.  In some cases, entire musical movements are birthed from this idea – Punk being an obvious example. And with Punk music like many others, once a larger social group jumped on the bandwagon, certain individuals wanted something … Continue reading

Record Review: The Men – New Moon

I highly doubt anyone is still tossing around the ridiculous notion that ‘Rock Is Dead’ anymore these days, but if anyone still is, they clearly haven’t heard of the Men. One quick look at what the Men have accomplished in the past 4 years ought to shut those idiots up for good. Annually since 2010, the … Continue reading

Record Review: And So I Watch You From Afar – All Hail Bright Futures

The best way to describe And So I Watch You From Afar’s latest full length album All Hail Bright Futures is as 12 tracks of 100% pure positivity. This album just exudes good vibes, which is a change in the band’s sound. Where ASIWYFA’s previous album Gangs seemed like a battle cry on the way into some epic and gory battle, All Hail Bright Futures is … Continue reading


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