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Record Review: Purity Ring – Shrines

Purity Ring Shrines When Megan James wrote “Dead voices cover their bones/ Refill their quiet tones with vessels of earth/ and the cry of detritioning bones”, she never expected it would make its way out of her personal writings and onto a track entitled, “Ungirthed”. Nor did the pianist expect that she’d be half of … Continue reading

Deftones: 2 New Songs!!!

A couple of live leaks of new Deftones songs have surfaced. These may or may not be on the new album supposedly due Oct. 9th (We”ll see if it actually comes out on time). The audio is not superb, but worth listening to nonetheless. “Rosemary” “Roller Derby” I prefer “Rosemary” just because of the dynamics … Continue reading

The Gaslight Anthem – Upstate Concert Hall, Clifton Park, NY (July 23, 2012)

Continuing my theme of the summer beach sound which I began with last week’s Best Coast show in NYC, I was interested to check out the pop rock, gritty vibe of the Jersey Shore that rolled into upstate New York on Monday night. Rather than easygoing, busty blond bikini-friendly melodious hooks, The Gaslight Anthem deals … Continue reading

Liars / Cadence Weapon @ Urban Lounge 07/11/12 SLC, UT

Within the past few months I have spent a lot of time going to a lot more shows than I ever have. Throughout these 4 months or so I have seen some really amazing energetic performances and have also been subjected to some fairly horrible emotionless performances. This show was one that leaned more toward … Continue reading

Best Coast – Terminal 5, NYC (July 17, 2012)

At some point I have had to ask myself – “do I really need to write about this?” – as if the world needs another review of the Best Coast show last Tuesday night at Terminal 5 in Hell’s Kitchen. In the last 48 hours, I’ve already seen three reviews of the show from Rolling … Continue reading

Mayer Hawthorne – The Great Saltair, Salt Lake City, UT 07/05/12

Obviously this concert review is really late. It took me a week to recover from the swoon-worthy performance and then I was off to the geeky ways of Comic Con. But here it is, better late than never! I have been trying (and failing) to see Mayer Hawthorne live for years. Yes years. By happenstance, I … Continue reading

Record Review: Baroness – Yellow & Green

Baroness Yellow & Green I’ve always had a bit of a curious love for Baroness. I discovered the band in 2008 about a year after the Red Album came out. My initial impression of the band was that they were a streamlined version of Mastodon, which I thought was great because, Mastodon’s prog rocking can … Continue reading

Record Review: Best Coast – The Only Place

Best Coast The Only Place Beginning in mid-May, I began attempting with a certain difficulty to derive some of Best Coast’s signature sunshine from their sophomore album, The Only Place. Unfortunately, I have yet to be successful in this feat. With their bright, jangly guitars and sun drenched melodic vocals, singer/song-writer, Bethany Cosentino and multi-instrumentalist … Continue reading

Bon Iver / Feist – Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Golden, CO) 5/31/12

While I have never looked into any particular concert at Red Rocks, I have been aching to see a show there for years on end.  It is highly regarded as the best concert venue in the United States. Honestly, have you ever heard anyone that has had the pleasure of seing a show there say … Continue reading

The Life and Times / Ume – Urban Lounge SLC, UT 6/18/12

So Isaac has been hooting and hollering about how awesome Ume is live ever since he saw them open up for Cursive earlier this year on Valentines Day and when I saw that they were coming back to town, I figured I should probably go see them. They were opening up for The Life and Times a band which I was … Continue reading


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