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New Jams: The Triumphant Return

It has been about 50,000 years since we’ve posted any kind of shoutout to our ever-growing discovery of new bands (Nate saved the day yesterday with his best of list). It is a damn travesty that this post hasn’t been updated and I want to personally blame every band in the whole world for hitting the … Continue reading

Nate’s Top 10 of 2012 so far…

Many of the various albums released in the first four months of 2012 have provided a lot to be excited about, so I thought I would float ten out there I’ve liked the bestest. I could most definitely expand this list to about thirty albums I’ve greatly enjoyed, but in the interest of actually getting … Continue reading

Real Estate / Twerps – 04/26/12 @ Urban Lounge

My partner in crime Isaac, did no make it out last night. The epic journey of our spring concert marahton is starting to get to him and his body is begining to break down from all  the amazing sounds, tones and visuals. So we felt it necessary, for the good of the mission, to give his … Continue reading

Tennis / Wild Belle – Urban Lounge 4/24/12

Tennis is one of those bands that I wouldn’t really suppose I’d like very much. In the indie circuit there are always quite a few bands out that are following a play by play formula to to get a lo-fi, garage, beach rock sound. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, I am just really damn picky when it … Continue reading

Record Review: Torche – Harmonicraft

Torche Harmonicraft Torche’s third full-length Harmonicraft came out today and to celebrate I thought I would share the conversation that I had with John Bonham last night before I went to bed .                                                                                                                    Me: Yo Bonzo! Have you heard the new Torche album yet? John Bonham: No I’ve been meaning to listen to it, is it good? Me: … Continue reading

DJ Shadow – The Depot 04/18/12

DJ Shadow has been one of my favorite Musician / Producer / Turntable guys for a really long time. I have had his first album Endtroducing and his second album The Private Press on regular rotation for almost eight years now. Listening to DJ Shadow is like hearing the greatest most entertaining hip-hop beats of … Continue reading

Neon Indian / Friends – Urban Lounge 04/10/12

I have this thing about going to concerts. It’s like this joyous phobia, I always tell myself that I want to go then at the last-minute I don’t, but when I do end up going I always end up having a good time. The Neon Indian show was a perfect example of this joyous phobia. I have always … Continue reading

Sleigh Bells – The Depot SLC, UT 04/12/12

Oh the polarizing Sleigh Bells. The band that people love or the band that people think is fake. Sleigh Bells for me is a guilty pleasure. This band on record is everything you could ever ask for: super heavy hits, thick riffs, and sugary-sweet vocals. It’s like listening to cracked out versions of Toni Basil’s “Mickey” over and over. Sleigh Bells … Continue reading

Cults – Urban Lounge SLC, UT (4/11/12)

On September 2nd, 2011, I had Tweeted: “I spent all day searching for THE perfect nail polish and listening to Cults.. Definitely the beginning of a stilettos/ false eyelashes weekend!” This statement offers a symbolic glimpse into Cults’ sound: a girly, indie-pop impending dance party. Originally hailing from San Diego, but currently residing in New York City, … Continue reading

The Naked and Famous – Terminal 5, NYC (April 4, 2012)

I should be doing something more important than drooling over this band, but… Ah, the Naked and Famous – five kids with cute accents from New Zealand playing 80s influenced, edgy yet danceable synth-pop. The concept alone is enough to grab my attention, but their ace-in-the-hole, ultimately winning me over as an embarrassingly gushing fan, … Continue reading


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