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Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds – March 1, 2012. The Bowery Ballroom

Brooklyn is an awesome place for the incubation of some great bands. From Denmark (New Politics and Mew), to England (Deluca), to various small towns and big cities across North America, musicians from all over the world relocate to Brooklyn in order to make it in the US alternative and indie rock scene. On the … Continue reading

Record Review: The Mars Volta – Noctourniquet

The Mars Volta Noctourniquet Alright here’s the deal with the new Mars Volta record. It’s not as chaotic and not so guitar based. It’s like a more chilled out relaxed version of what you previously know as TMV. If their music was a person, imagine the person as this crazy and out of control shirtless dude that used … Continue reading

Record Review: Meshuggah – Koloss

Meshuggah Koloss I want to start by off by stating that I don’t really think it is appropriate to try and describe Meshuggah’s music with the English language (Aphex Twin and Prince also belong in this category). The sounds, mood, tempos, and time signatures that this band creates are honestly from another dimension, not even the unknown fourth dimension, or the fifth or the sixth, but … Continue reading

Record Review: Unsane – Wreck

Unsane Wreck You could probably consider Unsane the last true patriarchs of the post hardcore noise rock genre. Because all of the post noise / post whatever bands from back in the day have either split up or split up and reformed with totally different members (Helmet… Lame!) Unsane, however, is an exception, the band was created back in … Continue reading

New Jams: I’m late, I’m late. For…

I have been a little behind on checking out the new tunes on the interwebs the past few weeks. However,  I happened to stumble across this track today and I thought I’d share… Like many I first heard The Temper Trap through multiple TV commercial spots, soundtracks and such. I know, a little behind then … Continue reading

Adopt This Album: Saddle Creek Sweetheart

Welcome to the first Adopt This Album post. Aside from writing reviews for new music and giving shout outs to new bands that we are listening to, we wanted a section to pay homage to albums that are mainstays in our musical rotation. So, if you haven’t already heard any of the albums or artists that we … Continue reading

O’Brother / Junius Tour Is Over… and We Missed Out

A couple of months back Isaac and I had all these grandiose plans of attending one of the most anticipated shows of the year, the O’Brother and Junius show at Kilby Court February 29th. I remember thinking how stoked I was to hear some Beneath Your Garden Window live after previously missing O’Brother’s slot opening up for Thrice … Continue reading


A duck walks into a pharmacy and grabs a box of condoms. He walks up to clerk and puts them on the counter. The clerk asks “Are you going to pay for these now? Or do you want me to put them on your bill?” … The duck replies “What kind of a duck do … Continue reading

Does Nancy Sinatra Have a Futuristic Clone?

It’s that time once again folks. Here’s a quick shout out to a bunch of music I have been listening to lately. Tennis Seems like the husband wife duo is getting over looked this year which is a damn shame. Listening to Tennis makes you want to give everyone a hug and invite them to … Continue reading


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